Finding Your Way Home

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The cheapest car rental you will be able to find is the relocation deal, this is where a car has been hired and left at a depot across the country somewhere and it needs to be returned to its home depot. This is where you come in, if you are heading in the same direction as the car needs to be heading then you can sometimes pick up a rental car for as little as one dollar, this does depend on the rental company itself and what their deals are for relocation vehicles.

If you wanted to travel all over the country side on the cheap then this would be the way to do it, however you do have to wait for a vehicle to become available. Now don’t be shy about what you are willing to drive, there are all sorts of vehicles that need to be transported back to their origins as long as you have the appropriate identification and a credit card, as well as the proper open licence you should be right to transport them all around the place.It does mean that upon occasion you are going to be stuck in one place or another for a couple of days or weeks until another relocation run pops up again and it is a wise idea to keep an eye on the hire car comparison web sites as these will be able to give you up to date information of what it available right now and what is coming up. Sometimes they even have the relocation vehicles that will need to be taken back ahead of time so you can make some plans around how long you will be in town and when you will be leaving.

It is one hell of a juggling act to be making just to get around the country for next to nothing but it could be done. You would just need to make sure that you are willing to leave at a moment’s notice and that you can be certain that you can reach the depot within a certain time frame. They don’t want you gallivanting out and about in the country, they want their hire car back as soon as possible so that they can make moe money off it. Not to provide you with unlimited cheap travel, that is merely a by-product of the need they have to get their vehicles back.

It does however let you travel the country side in style and possibly in vehicles you would otherwise never have the opportunity to travel in or even buy, so you get to indulge in a little car fantasy by driving luxury vehicles and you can always pretend you are extremely wealthy and powerful. Just hope that you do not get the family sedan or the little tiny mini.